• We are not alone in recognising that excellent community engagement is critical determinant of our future success.

    We actively engage with several discrete communities that track various orbits around Xero (users, partners, developers, analysts, accountants, investors, press, designers etc.) most notably through our blog and its vibrant comments engagement every day (more than anyone else I can see), as well as through Twitter, lately Facebook and on LinkedIn to name some high profile communities.

    However we also believe that certain components of our community and customer engagement should always reside within our direct control because ultimately we own the principal accountability. But we're happy to support and recognise through our participation in them, that independent community hubs also exist and add value.

    Setting a dangerous precedent by choosing which communities to promote from our site and which ones to ignore is a tricky piece of curation which we might well get around to one day, but until then we'll leave it Google* and the existing engagement frameworks to do the best jobs they can of sharing the love.

    * Last time I checked, a Google search for Xero users returned this very community as it's number one result.
    • Hi Gary,

      Thanks for stopping by. Xero does, indeed, seem to have a forward-thinking policy on open engagement, as evidenced by the frequent contributions made on this site - and based on my own personal experience. Kudos for that.

      However, if Xero customers are frustrated at not knowing this resource exists, maybe you could consider having a democratic, plain list of links to Xero communities with a "the company does not endorse ...etc" disclaimer?

      And you are right about the Google ranking ...

  • Hi MM,

    I agree that, assuming the increasing number of Xero customers joining here proves this community adds value to their experience, it would be good if were easier to find. Tweeted your comment, let's see what happens.
  • Although I can see that Xero has a very open communication policy, which is great in itself and I applaud, having this site independent is better for the users so long as Xero officially participates too. If Xero have their own similar site to, then any questions and answers will be split between the sites and just make it more difficult for users to get answers they seek.
  • Hi Earl,

    Regarding contributions from Xero, when I met Hamish he said they actively dissuaded most of the Xero team from joining here because they didn't want to swamp us with 70 or so Xeros. I thanked him for that, as it would have also compromised our independence a little.

    There are, however, a representative number of Xero staffers in the community, not least the UK MD and one of the Co-Founders.

    I agree, independent is best - but then I would say that wouldn't I?
  • Adrian, my vote is for an independent community like Why not extend this community to accommodate this?

    P.S. - There's nothing to prevent Xero from contributing/participating here. They could start off by contributing some of the Q & A to the Xero support team.
This reply was deleted.

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Neil Gauld replied to Chris Sargent's discussion Xero, meet TransferWise
"Hi, I would be interested in having Transferwise integrated with Xero so we can pay lots of small suppliers globally. One click on a bill in Xero to process would be nice."
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Dianne Jewell replied to Suzy Roberts's discussion Xero Templates -docx
"I've done some really intricate work on Docx Templates for Xero Users - feel free to contact me or visit my website at"
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"Hi Rich and Sam,

Not sure how you managed solve your tax receipting issues. I can imagine it's caused a few headaches especially with several hundred regular donors!

We have released a Xero add-on Infoodle ( for churches…"
Oct 15
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Jeff Goodman replied to Christopher Hopkinson's discussion Data connection add-in to connect through Excel
"Hi there,
For anyone still following this conversation, CloudDesk provides an Excel function library for retrieving data directly from Xero (see using formulas.
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Amy Robinson posted a discussion
I need a payroll add-on for a two-person organization. Any recommendations?
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