Running very slow

Is it just me, or have other users noticed that Xero seems to be running very slowly in recent days? I notice this particularly in the bank reconciliation, when "okaying" a matched transaction. Xero are adding new servers at the weekend which I hope will fix the speed issue - can fellow members please let me have their experience?

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  • Adrian, can Xero provide any feedback on this? I'm also wondering if the speed is affected by which browser is being used, whether IE, Firefox or Google Chrome. Just wondering if anyone has/is using Chrome as their browser of choice.
    • Earl, I have IE (Internet Explorer) 8, Firefox and Chrome on my laptop and cannot see any noticeable difference in speed with either browser, although when I first used Chrome it seemed much faster than IE7. Clearly IE8 uses more up to date technology.

      We have a number of big-hitting Xero staffers on the member list now, so maybe they can offer some feedback - are you there folks?
    • Adrian,

      I'm aware of another online accounting software app that claim their service runs faster with Google Chrome since it has Java Script for its user interface. Not sure if this applies to Xero in any way.
    • Hi Adrian, Earl & others,

      While I have a general understanding of browsers and performance - it's certainly not enough to tell you anything useful! So I discussed your feedback and questions with our CTO and here's his response.


      There are a number of factors that affect performance on a browser based application – obviously the browser itself is one of those factors (though not necessarily the most important). The current browser war that is taking place right now is based largely on performance – Firefox and Safari were the first heavy hitters and then Chrome (which is based on the same engine as Safari) and now IE8 has come to the party as well. Basically if you’re using the latest version of any of the major browsers then you shouldn’t notice any speed differences between them, but with each new version comes more and more speed improvements so our advice is to choose a browser you like and make sure you keep it up-to-date (if you like IE make sure it’s IE8, if you like Firefox make sure it’s Firefox 3.5).

      To answer one specific point here, a browser’s performance is usually broken down into 2 parts – the rendering engine and the JavaScript engine. With Chrome, Google have engineered their own JavaScript engine (called V8) which does improve performance of rich web applications like Xero (and Google’s own applications like Gmail). You may have heard about Google Wave – Chrome is being built specifically to handle the bleeding edge technologies that Wave has introduced and Google has committed serious resources to making Chrome the fastest browser in the world. Xero doesn’t recommend any specific browser as long as it’s the latest – but Chrome is definitely one to watch.
  • Yes, I've noticed much slower response times as well in recent days.
  • As we are evaluating Xero, and are impressed (apart from lack of flat rate VAT!), I was very interested in this thread.

    Xero was also very slow for me during the week, but very fast this evening - Sunday so not surprising?

    It would help me a great deal if Adrian/Martin/Andy blogged again on the performance issue.

    It 's good to know Catherine is looking at this forum! However, if performance remains an issue, it might be worth reporting directly to the Xero team on Twitter - at
    • Yes I am looking, well kind of 'lurking' - it's a great initiative to have a forum of Xero users so it's good to see you all talking and not Xero butting in at every comment! But you're right - if you have official complaints/issues/suggestions, firing them through to or the @TeamXero account (that's me too!) is the best way of getting them logged and tracked. Keep the feedback coming - we're here :)

  • Anybody reporting an improvement in performance after the weekend server upgrade?
    • Hi Martin, I have a lot of work to do on Xero today, so will report back later on how I find the speed.
    • Hi Adrian,

      Would be interested in any feedback you have on this since the release last week.

      Catherine (Xero)
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