Logo size for invoices

According to the upload screen, and the Xero help documentation, the logo image size for use on invoices is 400 wide by 120 high.

When I use an image this size then print to PDF, the actual size of the printed logo is smaller. My calculations suggest about 80% smaller.

Have the default image proportions changed since the introduction of the new branding features for sales invoices? If so, the Xero documentation needs to change also.

Alternatively, if Xero has not changed, maybe Adobe Acrobat's 100% view setting does not, in reality, show the document at actual size.

Has anyone else had this issue?

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  • Thanks, I'll give that a try. What puzzled me though is that, when viewing the PDF on screen, and matching the window to the xero browser window, the image in Acrobat can be seen to be smaller, with Acrobat's zoom setting at 100%. Does the scaling override the 100% zoom setting?
    • No worries, well the 100% view in Acrobat should match what is printed out, I just ran a quick test and they seem to match up for me. When I compare the PDF logo to the logo that's displayed in invoice settings within Xero, the logo displayed in Xero is a little smaller than what I see in the PDF. Is it the opposite for you?
    • Hi Jeffrey, I think this could be one of those, "we'll never know why" things but, for further information, see this image. I have clipped my screen, showing the logo in an invoice PDF next to the original image in my image editor.
      You will see that everything is set to 100%. Puzzled why the logo is represented smaller in Acrobat than in the image editor.
    • I see, yes it does look like the PDF app is shrinking the entire document a bit when viewing it. But from the PDF I can see the logo has the right position and size, so you're right it's probably a quirk of Acrobat.
  • Hi Adrian, the logo size on invoices and credit notes is indeed 400 pixels wide by 120 pixels high.
    I'm guessing when you print from Acrobat, the program is scaling down the PDF, which is the default behavior. When you print the PDF, make sure that "scaling" or "page scaling" is turned off or set to none. Have a go at that and see if it fixes your printing problem..
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