To say things are complicated is an understatement. Im in a business where I collect money with 9 different payment methods (amex, diners, visa, master-card, cab-charge, manual vouchers, invoices (mthly,weekly & randomly) & cash, with charge fees in 3 different ways (w/ transaction, monthly debit & on deposit) which are received into my account in 8+ different ways (mobile eftpos, bank visit, bank transfer, phone payment, accounts (mthly, weekly & random)   

I’ve come to learn through my accountant that there are some connections & some disconnects between:

  1. accounts receivable & accounts payable
  2. manual journals
  3. direct payments to bank account (in my case I process mine through a mobile eftpos machine , not high volume on average 4-6 a day. 80% of my customers are repeat clients.

I get receipts of these transactions at the eftpos terminal. Its not like retail or restaurants where there 100 customers each day. BUT I have to store these receipts & match them with a particular individual then & there or at the end of the month.

The Xero system handles everything fine but my extra wish-list for 2012 is all about connecting each transaction with a specific customer (who relates to a business) & having an IN MY FACE/ ON MY (xero & capsuleCRM) DASHBOARDS WAY OF SEEING WHO IS MOST VALUABLE TO ME THIS MONTH, THIS YEAR & THE LIFETIME VALUE OF A CUSTOMER... possible??

Here is my my wish-list requests for 2012... (please stop me in my tracks if its just a feature i haven’t discovered)



-Above is a picture of 2011... im looking fwd to having both in 2012 & paperless not long after

-when i take photos of your receipts I would like to be able to import them not as an invoice in the accounts payable/recievable systems but also be able to choose to import them into the ‘Recieve Money’ section entry in the bank account section as a recieved money entry before getting reconciled... this would help skip manual entry

-this would help me attatch a receipt to each entry

-as the bank clumps together 4-6 transactions into a day, this would make my reconciliations very much more detailed





-if shoebox is unable to do this maybe you can help? Im happy to do the manual entry on my mobile eftpos receipts/direct payments but maybe you can you add this as a feature on your app... currently the photo import for expense claims goes unused but what if you could do that for direct payment entries? 

-Also to make the dashboard far more awesome are you able to do a way of listing the top 10 valuable customers (customizable by last month, YTD & lifetime)... 

-are you able to link individuals to organisations like capsuleCRM?

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  • +1  Attachments for bank transactions is by far the thing I would most like to see in Xero. We waste so much more time than is necessary dealing with receipts because this functionality is not present.
  • Thanks so much for this detail - very useful and the team has it.
    And we definitely love raving lunatic fans! We will be releasing a mobile version of Xero Personal at some point ... so much to do!!
    • Fantastic!  Thanks for taking these ideas on board.
  • with the app as it is now if you could add the same functionality to the bank account section (currently display only) that currently is available to the invoice section then that would be the ideal result.
    Having the ability to add entries in the 'spend monies' & 'receive monies' functions in the app would make it more complete
    To use me as an example I receive money in multiple sometimes complex ways (see original thread) so when i receive multiple payments on a given day through my eftpos machine. the tracking problem is caused by the bank which batches totals which are very hard to match to a day or specific transaction...  (e.g. visa,mc arrive  the next day & merchant fees are paid monthly... whereas amex/diners arrive to my account 3-5 biz days later with the fees already taken off per transaction) 
    You've already created the solution when you added the 'receive money' function recently
    I love Xero because it eliminates the guesswork out of reconciliation & tracing income sources possible...but what would make it more efficient is the mobile version of this to be able to enter entries in real time vs at the end of the day eliminating the need to be in front of a computer as much.

    so if the app mimicked the software the a 'receive money' entry would be:
    -able to distinguish which account allocated to
    -able to be allocated to a contact
    -able to be tied to a chart of account
    -able to be given associated amount
    -able to choose how tax is associated
    -and would be saved into account transactions (no accounts receivable/invocies)
    -and able to take or choose a photo with it

    P.s. will xero touch & xero personal ever sync... thats when i would become a sold out raving lunatic fan ;)
  • Thanks for the suggestions Luke. We will be adding the upload/attachments functionality to bank transactions at some point - very popular on invoices and expense claims - it's on the list.
    Great suggestion on Dashboard improvements - I know we're exposing debtors by the amount they owe on the Accounts Receivable Summary screen but introducing these elements in terms of value would be useful. I will pass on this request.
    I think your linking individuals question is something we also have on our list to do - meaning one organization can have multiple contacts - something we need to address. If you mean linking from your contacts in Xero directly to your CRM then the contact link field in the Xero Organization Settings currently allows this.
    Thanks again - I'll get these suggestions to the right people.
    • Hi Catherine,

      I think some of the digital storage softwares on the market only focus on receipts... yet nobody out there is capturing the full options of possible paper trail to digital scenarios that can occur in a business... its looks like an easy value add

      For example Xero touch is great... To sum up think the #1 thing i'd love, (which i think is echoed on a few thread throughout the forum) is the ability to as much as possible raw data entry in real time to not have to go 'back in time' and data entry for past events. To add receipts is one aspect but what about a similar but different feature to the current expense claim feature for the app...

      -capturing monies recieved on the app (bonus points to be able to attach a pic) that would go in as a 'receive money' transaction in a particular bank account 
      -capturing monies received (receipt) on the app (bonus points to be able to attach a pic) BUT unlike an explain clim that would go in as a 'spend money' transaction in a particular bank account 

      This would mean that now the app can capture more 'raw data' on the go

      The 'technological ignorant optimist' in me thinks that if its doable for expense claims than to apply this feature to direct payments would be very doable

    • Good point and something we're already very aware of - the addition of getting this data into Xero via a mobile device seems sensible and once it's done in the main app I'm sure the mobile team will look to open this up as well. Would your receive money scenario be a check/cheque - so perhaps need to be snapped and uploaded as payment for an existing invoice or straight into the bank account without an invoice? Without making this complex we'd have to make sure that received money went to the right place!
  • Hi Michael
    ill send it through on word doc to you so all the photos are displayed.. I don't use the mail in feature so ill have a try of your program today... 
  • Hi Luke,
    Receipt Bank (who I work for) is a Xero partner that has an advanced integration with Xero for dealing with receipts, invoices and expenses.
    Unfortunately your screenshots and attachments are not being displayed on your post and therefore I can't exactly see the nature of your problem/wishlist. If you'd like to email them to with any details on how you'd like the process to work, we'd be happy to take a look to see if we can help you...

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